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TMJ PAIN RELIEF in South Austin and Circle C 

Comprehensive treatment to restore TMJ function and relieve pain without drugs or surgery.

Dysfunction of the jaw can cause popping, clicking, or locking of the joint as well as pain in the jaw, face, or neck.  

The jaw is complex because there are two joints that must work simultaneously.  Each side of the mandible is attached at a separate temporal bone and has its own musculature.  Any change in the structure or function of the cranial bones, facial muscles, nerves, or joints can lead to problems at the TMJ.


Integrative bodywork at Art & Science Healing offers fast and lasting relief of TMJ pain and  dysfunction by addressing all the parts of the problem.  

  • Gentle chiropractic adjustments and craniosacral therapy restore the normal biomechanics of the jaw, cranial bones and neck

  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and improves tissue healing in the nerve, ligament and disc 

  • Soft tissue therapies including acupressure, fascial release, active stretching, and the Myokinesthetic System reduce stress on the connective tissue and nerves

  • Home care recommendations keep you pain free between visits and in the future

Treatment sessions are typically 30 minutes.  Most people notice a significant change with their first visit.

Call (512) 710-9939 to speak with Dr. Summer or use the link below to schedule your first appointment.

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