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I love light therapies!

I use several great therapeutic lights or "cold lasers" in my practice. One of them pictured here is actually FDA approved to treat hand and wrist pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome as well as minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and muscle spasm.

The FDA recognizes the ability of this device to promote muscle relaxation and increase local blood circulation, but I think the actions of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) at the cellular level is even more interesting.

Studies have shown that lights at specific strengths and wavelengths can be absorbed into the body where they help the body's natural defense and repair mechanisms. By limiting inflammation and improving tissue repair, LLLT relieves pain, reduces damage and loss of function, and leads to stronger healed tissues. Clinical studies have shown LLLT leads to:

• Increased cell metabolism (increased production of ATP or cellular energy)

• Increased cell membrane potential (which allows the cell to take up nutrients and expel waste)

• Increased collagen production • Enhanced nerve regeneration

• Increased tissue and bone repair

• Increased lymphatic response

• Increased enzyme response

• Increased vasodilation (therefore better bloodflow and possibly reducing hypertension)

• Increased microcirculation (improving bloodflow and oxygenation of tissues) • Reduced inflammatory duration • Reduced pain • Reduced swelling I first learned about the healing power of LLLT during my acupuncture studies in grad school. My instructor was the first to introduce me to the idea that what the Chinese understood as Qi/Chi, a life-force energy that flows through the body, is actually a measurable form of energy that can be affected in numerous ways. We know from physics that energy is not created or destroyed, it is just converted, and our cells can convert light energy into usable energy in the body. I've used lasers and LEDs ever since for acupuncture treatments, pain reduction, and tissue healing. It even makes your skin look great!

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